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Holistic Counselling

As a Holistic Counsellor, I want to help you explore your whole self, to delve into who you truly are, not just the life you're living. By working together to discover the underlying truths of your belief system and taking action to reconnect and establish positive thought processes, we will be able to bring joy back into your life.


Holistic Counselling services:

  • meditation

  • colour therapy

  • chakra healing

  • CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy

Begin creating your dream life

Holistic Counselling


Poem by Katrina Young

I'm on my way out

Getting ready to shout

"I'm Back" better than before

Now I'm back I want so much more

I have sorted my troubles

My belief in life has doubled

I have recovered from the dark

I'm here now to make my mark

I'm ready to stand out

And will never go without

My life is full of happiness

Which will always bring success

I'm thankful to all that know

How hard it was to put on a show

That play I was living

Is now forgiving

And I am ready to write my own play

Starting Today.

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