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Have you attended one of our workshops, or a Life Coach or Holistic Counselling session with Today TCC? We'd love to know what you thought! Let us know by filling in the form below, or send us an email on

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Some words from our clients


Self-Empowerment for Personal Success Workshop

I attended the Self-Empowerment for Personnel Success Workshop with Katrina from Today Training, Coaching and Counselling. The workshop was well structured, starting with a fun ice-breaker for the participants and flowed really well with an interesting variety of interactive activities throughout the sessions. The resources provided were excellent, enabling me to analyse my current situation, identify areas in my life for improvement and were a useful reference after the workshop. Katrina’s facilitation of the workshop was confident, full of relevant examples and she was very open in clarifying participant questions. I left the workshop feeling I had been heard and that I was walking away with some good strategies to focus on my success. Thank you for your guidance Katrina.


Holistic Counselling

Working with Katrina was a God sent. I have been working on myself for decades and I just couldn't shift. After exploring counselors and coaches without results,  I felt even more lost, broken and hopeless. She lit the light within me and assisted me as I put my pieces together which led to improving every area of my life. Her techniques, authenticity and presence allowed my strengths to be realized, my journey to be appreciated and align with a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I have cultivated my confidence, and am a fulfilled individual today, doing what I do best as a result of Katrina's coaching, encouragement and support. Even at times when I wanted to give up on myself, she didn't. She is great at understanding the whole person and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to make changes in their life for greater overall satisfaction.


Self-Empowerment for Personal Success Workshop

I recently attended a workshop held by Today Training Coaching and Counselling


The course was comprehensive and covered many topics – it was interactive and fun, evolved my awareness as to who I am and where I want to go and armed me with practical tools to adopt on the journey.  The course counsellors were professional, empathetic and engaged and made the whole experience very fulfilling.  I walked away with more self awareness and confidence.


I would highly recommend this course to anyone searching for some direction or just a better understanding of who they are.

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